Saturday, July 17, 2010

The old Stanford crew

This morning we got together with the old Stanford crew from Leon's PhD days. The Sandoras threw a wonderful welcoming brunch to meet and greet Max.

I had first met Leon through these guys and even knew Matt & Jason before knowing Leon. Slowly, everyone had girlfriends, then wives, then kids over the years. We are the last of this crew on the kiddie train, but can now be officially part of the "family" photos :)

So good to catch up with these guys - we don't see them nearly enough!

The Dads and kids from left to right: Leon & Max, Matt with Niklas & Brennen, Lillian (separate from her Dad, Kareem), Jason with Calleigh (Tilden his older son is missing from this shot), & Kareem.

The Moms: Me & Max, Lara with Niklas & Brennen, Liana & Lillian, Cammy & Calleigh

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