Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Ann-dependence Day!

We celebrated Ann's 4th of July b-day yesterday. The Kavals didn't disappoint with a BBQ at their house. Nice weather, good food, and Max was on his best behavior! Kiddo slept like a log! Even last night...3 hour spurts. Let's hope these napping intervals last!

Max enjoying the breeze under the trees

The guys show their BBQing skills

Shannon says "I can't help that I'm SO GOOD at beer pong!"

B-day girl Ann watches her beer pong team mate go for a shot

Oops...Henry is getting this party started!

Could Peter be a tad bitter about Lebron?


Pamela said...

glad to hear Max is sleeping better -- maybe we should drink beers together every Sunday??

sandy c said...

@ Pam - i think you're on to something here!!! :)