Monday, December 01, 2008

The Long & Short of It...

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I've been a bad bad did December get here already? So here is a long catching up post:

October 31st...

Tank dressed up for Halloween

and so did we (Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, & Suri)

fun times at the Paulson's Spoooooooktacular

November 1st

A great B-day dinner at Red Lantern

Mmmmmm.... Sprinkles cupcakes for dessert

Then a little bowling (Peter & Garrett celebrate)

Angie, Ann, Jeff, & Sam wait their turn

November 25th
Leave to LA for the Thanksgiving holiday

November 26th
Lovely day in San Clemente with some of the Stanford crew or AKA "Married Mafia". As Leon golfed with Brett, Brett's dad, & Brad , Annika kept me company showing me around her hood. Her folk's home was beautiful and I have decided to move in...they just don't know it yet. We had manis, pedis, and did a little shopping then met up with Heather for lunch. Unbelieveable weather and quite a beautiful day.

November 27th
Turkey Day....time with Leon's grandparents and a lovely prime rib Turkey's sacrificed at the Chen household.

November 28th
Yay...time with my childhood friend Joma out in Santa Monica. Got to check out his new digs (now old) and the high school he teaches at...just like old times.

We are back up north now in the real world... next week is finals week. Can't wait for it to be done!


Anonymous said...

speaking of the short of it. Like the new hairdo :-)

Quendidi said...

I stood inline over an 1hr when Sprinkles opened here in AZ. LOVE IT!