Saturday, December 13, 2008

Green X-mas party

Last night I attended the Alice Green X-mas party in SF at a place called Mezzanine. Some great live music in an intimate setting.

My favorite acts were Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, and Lenka. Alanis Morissette made an appearance as the headliner too, but we cut out a bit early to beat the crowd. Girl looks skinny - like, on the verge of too skinny.

Here are the least blurry pics from my phone. Note to self: the camera on this phone sucks.

Alice radio station propoganda

Ingrid Michaelson (on the right)

San Francisco has such a friendly crowd. People let you pass willingly through the crowd to get your drink and come back to your spot. Those in front of you are concerned if you can see ok. Gay people can be open...ok I won't get on that rant.

Fun times and I will keep this venue in mind for the future. Not too shabby if you don't mind standing room only.


Quendidi said...

sounds like fun! what r u up to for new years?

sandy c said...

Hey Didi! We are headed out to Maui for New Years on a lil' short vacay. Hope to see you in Stockton though during X-mas!

New DiDi said...
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Quendidi said...

Take me with you! I fit in any suitcase! Have a blast! We'll be up by the 27th. Hope we can meet up!