Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kite flying with Nai Nai

Did you know there is a park in Mountain View specifically for kite-flying? We spent an evening after dinner flying Max's kite there with Nai Nai. If you are in the area and have little ones, I recommend to check it out. It's great for killing time and nice to see all the other cool kites around.

Dad shows Max the ropes of kite flying
Max's monkey kite
Max holding on
Max in awe of his kite
Nai Nai, Max, & Leon
A cool pirate boat kite
All the other kites at the park
More exploring 
Nai Nai & Max take a rest
Max looks for the gophers
There's a gopher
Nai Nai & Max having some yogurt after kite flying

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