Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chuck E Cheesy bday

Saturday we had the pleasure of attending Emma's 6th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Oh...my... god, you guys...it is total chaos! I think Max thinks that every time we want to play anything now we have to stick a token in. Leon called it "a casino for kids" and with all the lights, noise, decor, etc. it sure did feel like it. Lol.

Max had a SUPER fun time though. He was one of the youngest troopers, so I wasn't sure how he would be. He LOVED the mechanical rat singing, even though I thought he may be scared. And when Chuck E. Cheese made a personal appearance at Emma's table, Max was ecstatic! He stole Emma's thunder a bit when she got up with Chuck E. Cheese to sing a song and dance with him. Max danced the entire time right in front of them.

Happy bday Emma! Thanks for having us along.

Bday girl Emma (right) with her peeps
Mesmerizing mechanical rat
Taking a ride with Chuck 
Horsey ridin'
Camille rides a cool bike with ballons
Emma gets her cake and a bday song from everyone
Max poses with his favorite rat

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