Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They're baaaaaccckkkk - YeYe & NaiNai return

Max had such a fun-filled weekend with YeYe & NaiNai. He certainly has a special bond with them and just lights up when they are here. He can not wait to be in YeYe's arms any chance he can get.

Max also showed off his copycat skills to his grandparents - like saying "ahhhhh" after taking a sip from his cup, or wiping your face when you are done eating (or in general), pretending to blow his nose, etc. It's a hoot to watch him and he likes getting the attention so he fakes a laugh too when we are all laughing.

Max had a great time with YeYe & NaiNai. We miss you both and can't wait to see you in LA next month!

Max shows YeYe how he uses the yoga ball for a walker
Touchdown in the hallway with NaiNai 
Fun on the swing at the park
Climbed up the play structure all by himself!
"I got this Dad!"
"Let's take a rest"
Walking with Dad & YeYe after lunch
Couldn't let go of the napkin
Wiping YeYe's face after lunch

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