Thursday, July 07, 2011


So I wouldn't call it official yet, but Max is very close to walking. Tonight he wouldn't give up the phone after Leon called. It provided enough of a distraction that he didn't realize he was walking all over the place with it. Max managed to walk from his room, all the way to the living room with it, and then I caught him on video (quality not so great) walking a little more. 

He managed to call Leon and a salesperson at Wells fargo...more then once. Oh well! Whatever motivates him to move. Hopefully none of you got any prank calls in which you heard a babbling baby and a barking dog. If so, sorry!


Brahm said...

Way to go Max! Watch out, mom. Pretty soon he'll be checking into Foursquare and becoming mayor of the house, too!

angie said...

It is official! Look at him go!