Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mama prayers

It's true...your life does change when becoming a Mom.

And even if you aren't a religious person, you'll find that as your little one grows, you start praying for things. Things like:

baby to sleep
baby to poop
baby to eat
you to sleep
baby to stop pooping
you to eat
baby to stop crying
husband to hear baby crying
baby to smile
you to smile
baby to crawl
baby to stop crawling
baby to get teeth
baby to stop teething
a break
more time with baby
baby to love you

After Max awakes, we come in to a babbling, smiling baby, waiting for us in his crib...

and I pray that moments like these last a  little longer :)

1 comment:

Red Headed Mama said...

He's such a sweet little man. Enjoy this baby time, it goes too fast!