Friday, March 04, 2011

9 Month stats

Nine months have flown by. Max has grown into a mobile babbling machine. He's a pretty chill & happy baby, and still a big boy :)

Thank goodness the 9 month check-up doesn't involve vaccines. Max sure knows how to make us into liars though. We asked the doc to check his ears or teeth-to-be as he had been fussy three nights in a row before we went to the appointment. Max just laughed and smiled, even when the doc was gagging him with the tongue depressor. (Ears all clear and no teeth yet). "Sure he's fussy," she said with a smile.

Then when she asked does he babble and say dada, gaga, baba, etc. or have stranger anxiety - with perfect timing Max squealed and started babbling right to the doc. Guess he knows how to babble, and a fat NO on the stranger anxiety.

Here's his stats:

Head circumference: 46.5cm - 80th percentile
Height: 29in. - 71st percentile
Weight: 23lbs, 5oz. - 85th percentile

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