Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I know I've been a non-blogger as of late. Really, it's this work thing that crept up on me, and now I am busier than ever. But the weekends bring a different kind of busy - busy socializing with friends. We like this kind of busy better!

Saturday, we attended the wedding of our friend Ray to his beautiful bride Ana. It was a high school reunion of sorts as well. Quentin was the best man and delivered a very Quentin-like speech, always funny. We are so glad for Ray finding his true love and you could tell this was one very happy couple.
Q delivering a speech, and the newlyweds Ana & Ray
Max in his dapper duds - family photo

Sunday we attended a lunch in honor of Jimmy's bday. Unfortunately, no photos to share because I am a dork and forgot my camera. Happy B-day Jimmy!


Shannon McShane Miller said...

What a handsome fam! That little outfit on Max is amaz-ing.

angie said...

Can you please dress Max up in that outfit next time I see you? Also, you have an iphone so stop with the no camera excuse. You can email your pics from your phone to your blog. I have blogger I know how it works...don't deprive us of pictures of Max!!! :)

sandy c said...

@ang - you are too funny. ok, i will put th eiPhone photos to use, but i don't have the FANCY iphone like brett :)