Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ali introduces Max to Maddy

After Max's appointment today, I was able to meet my friend Ali for a quick coffee so I could finally meet her sweet little 2-month old Maddy. Maddy is SO precious. I can't believe that Max was that tiny at one time. It was great catching up and talking about life as a mom. I love that Ali takes everything with a grain of salt - maybe it's the New Yorker in her, but it doesn't take away from her being a great mom. Can't wait for Maddy & Max to meet again!

Maddy & Ali (sorry for the not-great pic from the iPhone plus Maddy was in action the whole time!)


angie said...

nice use of the iphone

Ali Beer said...

I am just seeing this now! I had your blog saved at work not at home. I love it and thank you.. your just as good as a mama as me =)