Friday, May 21, 2010


Last night I had dinner with friends Ann, Angie, & Shannon. As we were discussing how much I was dilated last week, the girls threw out bets on what I would be dilated to today when I went in for my doc appointment. Ann joked 6 cm, and we all laughed, talking about doing squats or lunges to speed up the process.

Low and behold, I go in this morning and I am 5-6cm dilated! (I owe you $1 Ann) I was told how "lucky" I am, as by now, some women have been through hours of labor.

Yes, the doc, Leon, and I were all surprised. So, she asked us, would we like to have the baby today? We weren't prepared to answer that question, but we came back at 3:00pm in the afternoon to "have my membrane stripped" (not a pleasant process) and take a brisk walk around the mall to try and get some contractions going before checking into the hospital. Well, this did not bring on contractions. We went to the hospital anyhow as my doc was concerned this was going to be a very fast labor.

The hospital was a many births they didn't even have a room available and wouldn't for one hour. This meant perhaps a delivery in the very wee hours of the morning. My doc called me and suggested we go home where we would be more comfortable, see if we make it through the night, and come back in the morning when things would be less hectic.

So we are just waiting and seeing if we make it through the night. Either way, we are meeting this little guy tomorrow! :)


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Woo-hoo! Max will be here soon - if not already. :)