Saturday, July 25, 2009

Visit from AZ

This past Wednesday, I got to see a few old friends from my junior high/high school days. Quentin and his wife Didi were up here from Arizona visit family and friends while trying great food up in the wine country. I was lucky enough to be a pit stop on their way, and they got a slight taste of Palo Alto. Didi is expecting and is about 4 months along, so super cute. She was rockin' her lil' bump.

Another friend, Terri came to join us from the East Bay. We all headed to NOLA's for drinks before a very yummy dinner of Japanese-style tapas at Gochi.

Terri and Quentin proved they hadn't changed much from high school - which Didi and I got to witness:)

It was nice to take a break in the middle of the week and spend it with friends.

Photos courtesy of Didi - thanks Didi!!!

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Quendidi said...

it was great seeing you too! Tank is the smartest dog ever! I miss that little guy!