Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Apartment Living

Still adjusting to being back at work after a vacation, but more so, apartment living again.

Since we had one crazy week before leaving on vacation, I had almost forgot that we sold our townhome and that we would be returning to the apartment we moved into shortly before we left.

It's been quite awhile for us having lived in an apartment. This is also the smallest apartment I have ever lived in since it's a one bedroom. We did put alot of furniture in storage and sacrifice closet space.

There are many upsides though:
1. It's cozy (no sarcasm...really, I like cozy)
2. When I need to get a glass of water, I don't have to feign dire thirst to guilt Leon into making the trek all the way downstairs to the kitchen. I can open my bedroom door, make a left, and viola!, the kitchen is at my disposal
3. Less to clean
4. No stairs (except to get to the garage for my car)
5. A shared gym? Haven't used this feature yet
6. Short commute
7. Close to alot of restaurants (including some of our fav Taquerias....hmmm, on second thought, that can be a downside too)
8. Closer to alot of friends for more impromptu dinners, lunches, drinks...whatever
9. We are paying 1/3 in rent of what we used to pay in mortgage! This is affordable Palo Alto living.

and last but not least....

10. We get a HOUSE after moving out of here :)

Yeah, those are all really good reasons for apartment living. It also is kind of nostalgic like the old days when Leon and I were first living together.

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DiDi said...

awww how cute. that's a funny list. can't wait 2cu!