Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When the Boys Are Away, the Girls Will Play

Currently listening to: Notion - Kings of Leon (yeah you know, just doing my homework for the concert this week!)

So Leon went away on a four-day boys weekend in Pismo and I was left alone Thursday through Sunday...but not really. Angie, Shannon, and Ann stopped by last Friday and we had our own mini-potluck. Yum! It was great fun eating while we figured out how to rent a fairly huge houseboat on the closest lake in the Bay Area, that must have a slide....long story, but let's say someone will enjoy their birthday compliments of Ann :)

Saturday I participated in a walk at work for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Since Leon was away, Angie was SO NICE to fill-in for him at the walk. Thanks again Ang, you're the greatest!!! {{{hugs}}} Sharkie apparently had some issues with me as he approached me more than once either biting my head or taking the team sign and banging it on my head. What's up with that? No instagation on my part, but I did whisper to him while taking our team picture "Go Ducks!" Here's some pics.

Angie & I staying cool in the shade

Team picture with Sharkie (a.k.a. the Shark that has a grudge w/me)

Angie and I spent the rest of the day shopping. Angie is a good shopper as she assists in rationalizing your purchase. Leon would appreciate me going shopping with Angie! :) Guess what though Angie? I splurged and bought those sunglasses after all...they were calling me!

On a very hot Sunday morning, we had brunch with Lorianne who is on a countdown to her wedding day. We can't wait! She filled us in on a dessert bar of some kind with candy, sundaes, and....get ready....COTTON CANDY! How awesome is that? So excited for her and her fiance Nick, they make a great couple. It was also a nice cap-off to the weekend hanging with the gals.

On a totally random note...I am looking so forward to Glee. I am already singing the commercials and have it programmed on the DVR.

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Sandy: I approve your purchase.