Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring is here

My body must have known that Spring is here...because I woke up sneezing this morning. Not just a couple sneezes either-I am talking the 30-in-a-row kind of sneezes. You know, you try to ignore it and tell yourself "this is the last one". But no....brushing your teeth you are sneezing (this can get messy). All through your morning shower you are sneezing. Blow-drying your hair you are sneezing. Putting on your make-up you are sneezing (this makes for funny sneezing faces, not that a sneezing face isn't already kinda' funny). Folks - spring is officially here.

This coming weekend we are headed to Vegas for our good friend Q & D's wedding. I am excited - not only for these two to start thier new married life together, but because we just happen to be going to Vegas first week of March Madness...yeah that's right! Get our gamble on.

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