Monday, July 16, 2012

Stern Grove outing with old friends

Our friends Kareem & Liana made a move out to Decatur, GA (near Atlanta)  a few months back and we could not have missed them more! Kareem got a great professor job at Emory and we were sad to see them leave the bay, but happy for the opportunity that came upon them.

Well we were so excited to hear that they were back in the Bay Area for the month of July living in San Francisco (smart move! stay away from that heat :) ). Last weekend we headed up to hang out at Stern Grove where they do summer series concerts for free. We didn't have a chance to stay for the concert portion, but the kids had fun hanging out in the meadow nearby and picnicking.

We sure are going to miss you guys when you head back, but are so thankful to spend some time with all of you!

(BTW, I am so bummed I didn't get to catch Liana in these!)

Lincoln rides the stroller around w/Kareem 
Cutie Lincoln flashes a smile
Lillian checks out the violin that the symphony brought for kids to play
Max is pretty excited about lunch - PBJ!
Leon & Max share lunch...I love this :)
Lillian & Max hug - cuteness overload
Lillian, Max, & Lincoln (Dad Kareem helps out lil' L)
A very rare family shot - thanks Liana!

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