Friday, February 03, 2012

Full house

Last Sunday, Erin & Ben as well as the Paulsons swung by to hang out.  We had quite the full house and it was fun to see all these kiddos together. Ruby & Charlotte were so cute! I mean...they always are so cute. The highlight of the night though was the Max & Henry show - these two guys were giving us a preview of what it is going to be like as they grow up!

So fun to have impromptu nights like these :)

Catching up 
Henry giving some love to his sis
Henry having a PBJ & snacks
Me holding...Charlotte? Notice she's clinging to my shirt! :)
Brett with Henry and....Ruby? :)
Leon helps Hank & Max read a book
And is the Hank & Max show. They were cracking us up! Although, as Brett mentioned, they may have been good birth control for Erin & Ben. I love how they are saying "Hiiiiiiiiii!!!" to each other and copying one another. These boys...luv 'em! :)

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angie said...

You got the names correct! And wow - a picture of me and one of my children. I have about five of those. ha ha. Love you guys!