Monday, January 30, 2012

First trip to the zoo

The last day Yi Yi & Nai Nai came to visit, we decided to head up to the SF zoo. It was super chilly that day, but it was still nice to have the zoo  less crowded so we could make our way through most of the exhibits without waiting. Max was such a good boy and stayed strapped down in his stroller with minor complaining.

Out of all the things that were his favorite, I would have to say it was the ducks! Go The highlight was the children's petting zoo part. Max loved watching the ducks and feeding the goats. It was all over though once he found a pile of duck poop..I'll spare you the details.

Max plays with Yi Yi before we head out
Family photo
Max is mesmerized by the Rhino
Sleepy lion
Lounging lemurs
Giraffes & friends
This owl was HUGE. You can't tell from the pic, but around 3 ft. tall!
Max trying to point to all the ducks at once
Hi there!
Max loves his Nai Nai & Yi Yi

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