Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daddy daycare

That's what this past Sunday was like around least for an hour.

While I was driving Marissa back home, Leon & Max were having breakfast with Chris and his daughter Teagan. They went out to the park afterwards, and then headed back to our house. Brett ended up coming over with Henry too and all the dads were here with the kiddos. I came back just in time to see them all. I felt a little left out being the only mom there :)

Max isn't in alot of the photos. Why? Because he was running circles around the house of course. Exciting to have all his friends over I guess.

Henry & Teagan 
Chris & Brett contemplate leaving their kids with me 
More Teagan & Henry
My one shot of Max (wearing his niners shirt on Sunday!'s kinda tradition now)
Henry & Teagan once more (Wait! I spot Max& Tank in the background)

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