Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LA catch-up was a long time, but I FINALLY downloaded our pictures from our trip to LA. WHOO HOO.

We left on August 10th and Max did so great on his first plane ride! We arrived at the airport bright and early, taking Max in his PJ's. He got lots of smiles (and of course smiled back) as he was being wheeled around and through security. Then it was time to change into clothes and get ready for his first plane ride!

Tired bear - not too interested in the plane
Relaxing before take off.
Once we landed, Max was uber excited to see his YiYi and Nai Nai at the airport. He was also ready for a nap big time. Once he woke up though, he was tickling the ivories with Dad on the piano.

Pointing fingers like Daddy does
"See Dad?"
Taking a rest to watch Daddy
The fun didn't stop there. When Max woke up from his second nap of the day he was in for a treat when we visited a local park.

Climbing the slide
So many places to explore!
Covering alot of ground
NaiNai takes some photos
Max finds his YiYi
And then the moon came out
More catch-up to come!

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Shannon McShane Miller said...

Ok, we SO need to come over. Max is practically grown-up ;) Such a cutie!