Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy day

Please excuse me while I gush over my hubby and what a great Dad he is. Caring, fun (even if I do sometimes coin you NFD), and full of love for his baby bear Max.

We spent Father's Day eating at Cafe Borrone. Then a shopping trip to the mall (YES, this WAS Leon's request) where I could buy Leon whatever I wanted. Whoo hoo, and we did go crazy at Banana Republic. Leon drew the line at a paisley shirt...I tried I tried. Then we were joined by the Kavals who walked marched on over and shared a couple jack and cokes to top off the night, followed by a fun ride in Leon's new car.

We love you and hope you enjoyed every minute of your Father's Day, because you deserve it!

Max & Leon on Father's Day
This is Max's new trick. Holding something (anything) in his mouth and crawling around....see the examples your dog can set? :)

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angie said...

Ha ha...when Leon got his new car he said "now Sandy can't say I'm no fun anymore."