Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Did ya feel that?

On Saturday we were so lucky to get to attend a San Jose Earthquakes game..as V.I.P.'s! The Kavals invited us along (Dave is the President of the Quakes now..woot woot) and not only were the seats incredible, we had a blast. The Paulsons came and the Kaval's momma Paula too (she is a HOOT...LOVE her).

Ang and I couldn't stop talking about how fun it is going to be when the boys would be old enough to enjoy a game. :) What a great night out. Thanks again Kavals for the great tix and great company!

View from the seats = awesome! 
Brett, Leon, & Peter pose (but not for my camera)
Angie, me, Ann, Paula
Leon and weird glitter smurf the Quakes mascot
The guys enjoying the game (notice that Brett & Peter wore matching jackets...how cute!)

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