Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dinner night...with nightcaps

Sunday night we went out to dinner with the Paulsons & McMillers (and the Paulson's friend James) at Bistro Vida (I recommend  the steak and frites). Max was on his best behavior even though he was a pretty tired bear by the time we got home. Hank & Max in their highchairs together was the cutest!!!

Afterwards, the McMillers came over for a nightcap (or three) while I presented Garrett with my 5 minute-made 100cal. hostess cupcakes for an early bday celebration! We were later joined by Brett & James as we watched the Golden Globes in fast forward. I certainly paid for it the next day as I seemed to be the only one working out of the group on MLK day - boo!

Thanks for a great night out (and in) and happy bday Garrett!

The gang at dinner
"Let me help you with that cheerio, Max!"
"You're my bro!!!"
Double trouble
"I dunno about dessert, but these menus are tasty!"
Garrett & Shannon with Max before his bedtime

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