Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Halloween - yeah I'm late

Ok, so I promised an update on Halloween and I obviously did not get around to it! Better late than never, right?

The Hamlins decided to come over to our neighborhood to have Emma show Max what trick-or-treating is all about! She was a cute butterfly and her dad made a very crafty homemade caterpillar outfit - loved it :) Poor Max got up really early from his afternoon nap and didn't last long on the trick-or-treating trip. I can't wait until he's walking and ringing doorbells by himself.

The neighborhood kids are too nice around here. I left my giant beer bucket of candy on the porch and no one snagged half the can when I came back. I also put up a sign after Max went to bed to please knock, and don't you know, EVERY kid followed instructions. Since I was telling kids to take candy by the handfuls, a couple of them went back to tell their friends. I love Halloween! (and it's not because it's my birthday either).

Emma & Dad Jeff
Wizard of Oz fam (Tank was suppose to be tin man, but didn't like his costume!)

Leon & the sleepy Lion Max
Owl pumpkin
Spider pumpkin

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Anonymous said...

SHUT UP!!!! YOU GUYS ARE TOOOOOOO RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE!!!!!!!! INSANITY!!!!! I ADORE YOU GUYS!!!! XOXOXO (and I typed in caps on purpose, you're that damn cute!)