Sunday, March 14, 2010

Walk walk fashion it

Couple weeks back we had the honor of attending the JLSJ Fashion Show. Our dear friend Angie has worked so hard on this event the last 18 months, so it was great to see it all come to fruition. Although I was the sober mama, I didn't mind. It was wonderful hanging with friends, but I must say the highlight was of course, Brett's modeling debut. Work it Brett!

Lawrences came up from LA and the rest of the "married mafia" attended from around the bay.

The married mafia plus baby Hank

The beautiful Angie with her show-opening speech

Brett workin' it on the runway. Look at that snap!

The Paulson's all decked out

Little Henry


DiDi said...

you are glowing!!!

angie said...

Thanks for coming Sandy! You looked fabulous!!!