Monday, December 14, 2009

And so that next "Chapter" is coming...

Sorry for the non-blogging. It's been pretty busy for us. I finished school (yay!), we bought a new house in which we will move into in February, but the biggest news of all is that we are expectant parents!

I don't know the sex of the baby but hope to find out next week. This is still sinking in, but as my belly grows (which happened in a spurt this week) it seems to become more real.

I am 16 weeks and 5 days today. We are due May 25, 2010.

Ultrasound at 12 weeks and 3 days


Quendidi said...

I'm so thrilled for you guys!

Anonymous said...

WE ALREADY LOVE HIM/HER!!!! We could NOT be more excited for you guys! You're already such amazing pseudo parents to Brooks... I can only imagine how lucky your little wee one will feel! YAYAYAYAY for baby Chen!