Thursday, September 03, 2009

A little catching up

Well, I haven't forgotten about updates resulting in posting random things, just needed to upload pics.

On 8.22.09 we we headed out to Stockton to visit the Estacios for little Aleah's baptismal. She is a cutie! Always nice to see the whole fams and visit the lil' D's (Deston, Devin, & Dillon). Marifi has been a friend for years and was the Matron of Honor at my wedding. Can't believe she was pregnant with her first at our wedding and now she has four! (If you want to do the math, Leon and I will be celebrating a five year anniversary this coming October).

Then came Peter's B-day weekend extravaganza! Friday, 8.28.09 started with a reunion dinner of sorts with the Chammas' up from LA, Paulsons, Kavals, and Chens meeting for dinner and drinks at Milagros. We sang to Peter and he received a lovely bread pudding thing (not really a cake???) with a candle in it. This is the only pic I had...and Brett was not injured with the beer bottle - just optical illusion there!

Saturday morning the Paulsons played along while we surprised the pants off Peter (literally) with some Stan's donuts. Wish I had pics from that, but totally forgot my camera.

Saturday night came party time. Ann set up a great dinner with drinks to follow at Medjool in San Francisco for Peter's big 3-0 celebration. We had quite a good time (as the drink bill seemed to prove). By night's end, we were on a quest for a slice of pizza, but came up short.

Since we were trying to live it up that night, we got a hotel room in the city. Tank made himself at home on the Heavenly bed and ordered room service. :)

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Quendidi said...

i love tank on the heavenly bed. lol.