Monday, March 16, 2009

Wrappin' up the weekend

What a weekend! Even though we were pretty exhausted by Sunday evening, we got to see alot of good friends and engage in some good times.

Friday we got to go to our friend Angie's Junior League pre-rummage sale event. It was a 1920's dress theme and we attended along with our other friends Peter & Ann. We had some food, drink, and first pickings amongst the rummage items. I came away with a $4 jewelry cleaner and Leon came away with this huge golf club travel case which we have SO much room for (can you sense my sarcasm?). Peter & Brett convinced me it was a much needed item that was a great deal, which I am sure was their totally unbiased opinion :) Either way we had a great time and "did it for the children" as Ann & Angie would say.

Along came Saturday and our second annual Wii-Eat-Crab Wii-kend event, otherwise known as "Wii Eat Crab Part Deux". This time, we actually were able to score crab from the boats in Half Moon Bay. This gang was serious when it came down to the Wii competition with the Lawrence's modeling team sports gear and the Mc-Millers making custom team t-shirts for all. It was a lot of fun and can't wait for next time. Thanks Annika for the cool team photos.

Sunday was a celebration for our friends Jake & Karen. They are not a traditional couple that wanted a baby shower, but with a little convincing from friends, they caved. We did a "Top Dog" themed shower along with King Pin donuts as dessert. If you are not familiar with these items, they are Berkeley faves. Top Dog t-shirts were given away as favors. Even though our cholesterol & sugar levels took a spike on Sunday, we were all full and happy. It's countdown time for the Hadary's now, just 4 weeks to go!

Leon and I joked that we've been in costume all week from Vegas FOAM, to the 1920's Junior League event, then our Wii-Eat-Crab team t-shirts, to the Top Dog t-shirts. We almost feel uncomfortable in our normal clothes. We're going to have to find another costume party fast!


angie said...

never dress normal.

Thank you for coming on Friday!!

sc current said...

I LOVE your curly hair Sandy! So cute! And the Wii Eat Crab was fab! My tummy is still happy!

christina m. said...

wow you and Leon attend awesome get togethers with your friends! wii and crab...what a great combo!