Monday, August 11, 2008

Yay!...Boo!...and that's a ballgame

Went to the Giants/Dodgers game at PacBell (Now AT&T) park in SF. We had some very sunny seats and I got major arm tan. A "Yay!" from me for the Giants and and a "Boo!" from Leon as he is a super Dodgers fan. He's probably more of a Dodgers fan than I am a Giants fan though... I'll give him that. Alot of Dodger fans came out to see Manny R. - so excited to have him on their team I tell ya'.

I forgot my here are some pics from my cell.

Giants take the field

AT&T Billboard

Free hat to commemorate 50 years in SF, and the Dodgers rivalry

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Pucca said...

your cell takes such good pix!