Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Rock has taken over my evenings as I am on summer break. I have become obsessed with trying to hit 100% on a song. The drums are just... well they are quite fun.

I will say this - it is one game I can play together with Leon. Not like God of War and whatever other war-type games he has going on the PS3. In Rock Band we can "save" each other if one is not quite getting the notes right. We cheer each other on. He rocks on guitar - I rock on drums. Occasionally with a friend, I take over the mic. This is truly a team effort here people.

In addition I've been "workin on my fitness"...on the Wii-fit that is. Another fun addition!

My living room has become crowded with Wii accessories, but it makes for fun times during drunken nights and when friends visit (sometimes those are one in the same). As a matter of fact, we are hosting a "Wii-eat-crab Wiikend" next Saturday. Gonna' eat some fresh crab from Half Moon Bay, drink beer, and test our skills on the Wii.


DiDi said...

i'm currently obsessed with singstar on the ps3 and i can't get my hands on the wii fit...sold out everywhere in AZ.

sandy c said...

yes...i got lucky myself with that wii fit. Singstar? Uh oh, can't wait to visit u and Q!