Monday, October 02, 2006

Sheryl Crow & John Mayer rock!

Currently listening to: John Mayer - In Repair

Went to the Sheryl Crow & John Mayer concert last night in Mountain View...paying for lack of sleep today.

We had 8th row seats right smack in the middle. I have never had seats so close before at a concert - and for the price it was all worth it! (BTW, with these type seats you see the older women who dress in clubbing clothes hoping they get John Mayer's attention and teenyboppers doing the same...people watching in this section was very interesting to say the least)

Sheryl Crow did great to start things off and got the crowd pumped up. We stood on our feet for practically all of John Mayer's set. That boy can play guitar like a badass... no really!!! Serious.

Here's some pics I caught without trying to be caught taking them...

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